Chicken Thighs with Chile

This super simple recipe is a life saver on the days you don’t want to cook. It doesn’t take all day in the slow cooker so you can start it in the late afternoon and have it ready for dinner. It’s really satisfying and quite filling. Serve as is, over rice or as a complimentary dish to your favourite meal. If you’re cutting rice out of your diet, it would be a great addition over polenta or to a grain/seed like millet or quinoa.

1 Leek – Chopped – White and light green parts only
1 cup Mushrooms – sliced
1/4 tsp Black Pepper
6 Chicken Thighs – Boneless Skinless
2 tbsp Brown Rice Flour  or Wheat Flour
1/4 tsp Paprika – Sweet
1/4 tsp Salt
1 can Kernel Corn – Drained **SEE NOTES
1 Serrano Chile – Deseeded and chopped **SEE NOTES
1 cup Chicken or Veggie Broth – Low Sodium

– Coat a large skillet with a gluten free cooking spray. Add leek and mushrooms and saute until leek is tender. Move leek and mushrooms to slow cooker
– Place chicken thighs in resealable plastic bag. Add flour, paprika, salt and pepper and shake well to coat chicken
– Recoat skillet with cooking spray and add chicken. Brown chicken over medium heat for 2-3 minutes each side and move to slow cooker. Shake any remaining flour and spices from bag over top of chicken into slow cooker then top with corn and chile.
– Pour chicken broth into skillet, turn heat to high and scrape up any brown bits (extra flavour!) Pour broth into slow cooker and cover. Shouldn’t take more than 3 hours to cook but check the chicken before serving. Feel free to let it stand all day if you need to start it in the morning

– You can use wheat flour if you don’t have or want gluten free options
– Original recipe called for 2 corn on the cob. I despise corn on the cob and it’s not in season very long so I just use one can of kernel corn
– If you want a bit of heat, leave some seeds in your chile. If you like it really spicy, leave them all in and add another pepper.
– I had some left over roast chicken from last night so I threw all of this in a pan on the stove instead of the slow cooker and made a delicious topping for some cheesy polenta.

Serves 6
Weight Watchers points per serving – 4
Calories – 106.4
Fat – 2.1g
Fibre – 1.4g
Sodium – 380.2mg
Carbohydrates – 12.8g
Protein – 10g


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