January’s Fave Five

Some of my favourite recipes are on this list. Crockpot Short Ribs are up there for sure. I make Homemade Yogurt weekly. I don’t know how the Mexican Black Bean sauce ends up at the top every month but there it is! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a kickass sauce – healthy, easy to make and handy for so many things. Out of 150 or so recipes though, I don’t know how it keeps making it to the top. I won’t complain though, it just means you guys get to keep seeing it and hopefully will be inspired to make it. I know, I know – it needs better pictures. Next time, I promise.

Jan Fave Five
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Fave 20 Recipes 2013

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holiday and celebrated the New Year safely and with friends and loved ones. Every Christmas we head to the Okanagan for Christmas with my family. This was one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a while. My brother had his first baby this year so my mom is over the moon happy have a Granddaughter to spoil. It has been a long year, even though it’s gone by ridiculously fast. My father was diagnosed with cancer this summer and I think we were all exuding gratitude that he was still with us and his treatment seems to be working. My parent’s house is a relaxing place for us. In the middle of nowhere, 18 acres of riverfront property. Not much to do in the winter, except sit in front of the fireplace, but in the summer we enjoy going into the mountains and down to the river for some fishing – which is always an exercise in futility! We spent our New Years celebrating in Victoria with some friends. It was nice and relaxing and quiet. We’re getting on in age … sort of … and we all really just prefer a couple people, some drinks, games and being in bed by 12:05. That’s exactly what it was. I hope you all got what you wanted out of the holidays and I hope 2014 is good to you.
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November’s Fave Five

It has been so long since I’ve done a fave five post. It seemed like they were too similar every month. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing, it means the viewing of certain posts is consistent and makes them popular. And while the number of views per post is still really insignificant, I have seen a large increase in traffic which makes me happy. I’m putting more effort into posting regularly – once a week hopefully – and my man bought me a new camera so I’ve been practicing with food photography. I have no photography skills whatsoever so it’s a fantastic learning process! I even bought an e-book on food photography at home. I’m hoping to set up a small infinity booth for pictures too! I know people are drawn to beautiful pictures of delicious food and far too many of my recipes don’t have any pictures at all, let alone nice pictures. I’m working on that. There’ll be a lot of cooking going on once I’m set up. Movin’ on up friends, movin’ on up!

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June’s Fave Five

Holy smokes people, we’re already in the middle of July! I totally neglected to do June’s fave five when I was supposed to (I’m a bad blogger) and before I know it, July’s fave five will be here. Where is the time going? I haven’t posted many new recipes lately. Started a new full time job at the beginning of June and while I’m getting used to it, haven’t felt too inspired to cook. There isn’t anything new on this month’s list so we’ll call them tried and true – but if you haven’t tried them yet, they’re all perfect summer dishes. All quick, refreshing and requiring very little slaving over a hot stove. We didn’t have air conditioning for 3 days at work on the hottest days of this Vancouver summer. It got up to 31 degrees (87 Fahrenheit) in the office and we all struggled between being really cranky and falling asleep at our desks. The body sweat just contributed to the humidity. Anyways, I really didn’t cook those days. Now it’s raining and I’m going to make chicken tacos with a snazzy new enchilada sauce recipe I found. If it’s good, I’ll share. Until then … try these on for summer – Especially the Raw Cashew Cheesecake!

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May’s Fave 5

May went by really quickly! The last week though has been the longest of my life. I start a new job on Tuesday but I found out last Tuesday so my days have been filled with anxious excitement. Those emotions don’t make time go any faster! Expectations slow everything down. I’m even having a really hard time sleeping. I only partially blame excitement for that though. I mostly blame unemployment and boredom. Thankfully it is the end of the month and I can fill some of my time with the top five posts of May. There are some good ones!

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