Marinated Steelhead Trout

Fish should be a staple ingredient in every household. I try to keep some in the freezer but I can honestly say we don’t eat it very often. I don’t know why. I love it when we do have it and I would consider it a quick fix meal. If you’re being conscious of what you eat, fish is an excellent healthy choice. It is low in fat and calories, high in protein and there is an abundance of vitamins like B2, A, C and D and essential fatty acids (nutrients that are required for good health but the body cannot make itself. Fatty acids found in fish are primarily alpha-linoleic acid and linoleic acid) Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with something to put on fish, something that is really complimentary and doesn’t just overwhelm the flavor of the fish itself. I also have a hard time finding recipes that don’t include added sugar – like brown sugar. The marinade with this steelhead recipe is pretty subtle, you can still taste the fish but it is flavorful enough that I don’t feel like I just shook some salt and threw a lemon onto the grill. It could easily be used on any type of fish or maybe even some beef for a stirfry. None of my pictures turned out but I didn’t want to hold out on the recipe any more – it’s the beginning of bbq season afterall!
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Tuna Steak

I know I can’t be the only one that has realized too late into a recipe that the wrong ingredients were used. For exmaple, I once used cinnamon in a Shepherd’s Pie recipe instead of Thyme. I despise cinnamon and was mortified when I realized what I had just poured into my dinner. Of course I didn’t measure it. Of course – that’d be too much like doing it the right way! So today when I decided to make a tasty tuna steak with coconut oil, salt and coriander, it only made sense that I screw it all up and use All Spice instead. I have this wretched habit of buying spices in bulk and neglecting to label the bag. All Spice isn’t all that different than cinnamon. Especially on the hate-o-meter. Too little too late so keeping Shepherd’s Pie in mind, I went ahead with it and it was surprisingly good! So if you’re looking for something incredibly simple – I mean dinner in 10 minutes start to finish – then you should give this a whirl. I’m thinking it might be good on a salad tomorrow! I’ll take some pics next time I make it but in the meantime, I’d love to hear of some kitchen fails that turned into something surprisingly great!

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Baked Fish with Citrus Butter

Did ya forget to take something out for dinner? Maybe you ran out of time to marinate something? Standard procedure in most of our lives I think. We are so overwhelmed with life that sometimes dinner has to take a backseat. Try this. It is so damn simple and takes so little time, which is really what I strive for in most of my recipes. So in honor of my 100th post, I present you with a recipe that epitomizes everything I look for in recipes. Low fat, healthy, easy, quick and uses ingredients that most people have on hand. It’s just an added bonus that this one is also Gluten Free.

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