All Purpose Spice

This is a super simple spice mix that you can throw together any time, store in an air tight container for months and months and use in whatever you feel fit. It’s great rubbed on a whole chicken before throwing it in a roasting pan or the slow cooker. Also works really well in pulled pork. But my absolute favourite is as a spice for Homestyle Hasbrowns. Easiest side dish ever.
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Mexican Black Bean Sauce

I didn’t know black bean sauce could be this delicious. Seriously. I was tempted to eat the bowl of sauce by itself. There’s a lot left over from tacos though so I may just get my chance. That or I’ll think up something brilliantly creative to use the leftovers for. I adapted the original recipe a bit, using less liquid. I wanted it thick enough to put on tacos so I halved the chicken stock. I’ll lay it out for you in the recipe so you can make it whatever consistency you want. This sauce would be perfect for burritos. Or better yet, chip dip! Perfect I say!

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