Sriracha Sesame Sauce

There aren’t really many meals or recipes that are complete without a good sauce. I mean, the sauce carries all the flavor! Mike calls food nothing but a ‘vessel for sauce’ and he likes to consider himself a ‘Sauce Connoisseur’. My fridge door is bulging and overflowing with bottles of sauce. That he never uses. Sauce Connoisseur my foot. This sauce is perfect in every way. It’s slightly spicy, a bit smoky, asian-inspired and oh-so-simple to make. Though it has a lot of ingredients, it comes together quickly, doesn’t require cooking and has the special perks of being gluten free, sugar free and so incredibly versatile! There is quite a bit of fat for a sauce, but I consider the fats to be good fats and that’s how I justify it. Mmmm coconut oil.

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Turkey Breast Roast with Creamy Sage Mushroom Sauce

This recipe is DIVINE. Luxurious mushroom sauce doesn’t get any easier than this! We had a late Thanksgiving Dinner (I just finished cleaning) Had the boyfriend’s Dad over for some eats and they were both spoiled rotten with food. (Not rotten food … ) This recipe was outright stolen from the Thrifty’s flyer. (Our local grocery chain) Every week they send out 4 new recipes and this is the first I’ve actually been interested in making. Let me tell you, EASY. It takes zero effort to make this and that was a beautiful thing when trying to compile an entire huge meal. Turkey Breast Roasts are also really fast to cook. Takes about an hour and a half total. Mushroom sauce takes 10 minutes. This sauce can be used outside of the recipe and put on pretty much anything you want! Continue reading

Enchilada Sauce

I’ve never made enchilada sauce before. This recipe looked easy, I had everything I needed here (except sour cream) and I figured it was a sauce that could have many uses. I changed the recipe a bit, there wasn’t nearly enough garlic or jalapenos so I spiced it up a bit! Turned out to still need more jalapenos. I associate Enchilada sauce with some level of spice and mine didn’t have it. It was still delicious, lots of flavor. I used some of it to cook chicken thighs in in the slow cooker. Made pulled chicken in enchilada sauce tacos. With Mexican Black Bean Sauce¬†of course! There’s so much left over that I’m going to freeze it so I can use it in something like Spanish Rice or marinating more chicken!

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Beetroot Pesto

A whole new take on pesto! Beets are loaded with antioxidants, potassium and vitamin c! I cut the oil content in this recipe (as I do) to make a delicious pasta sauce and I already want to make more. The hardest part of this recipe (contrary to traditional pesto) is the length of time it takes to cook beets. Otherwise, 30 seconds in the food processor and you’re golden! Plus, your pasta sauce will take on an amazing shade of purple. I figured the nutritional info with and without almonds.

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