Caulfredo Pasta

Who isn’t a fan of alfredo sauce? I mean honestly. Creamy, garlicky, saucy. I think the only ones of us who ‘hate’ alfredo sauce are those of us who are mindful of our weight and caloric intake and have to gently ‘remind’ ourselves that we hate alfredo sauce and thus we can overcome our lack of will power. While this sauce isn’t a perfect alfredo, it’s certainly yummy and I will happily allow it to fill my true alfredo void. Especially if it means that a delicious meal of pasta is less than 200 calories! I don’t think you can fault me for wanting this in my life. When I described this dinner to someone they dubbed it Caulfredo sauce so thus its name. General concensus of feedback on this pasta is that it’s a bit bland on its own. I definitely recommend adding some sauteed veggies or meat. The image below is orange and red bell pepper, onion and italian sausage. So.Damn.Good.

Caulfredo Pasta (4)

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Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo Pasta

So I’ve discovered this website that is loaded with inspiration. You may have heard of it … Pinterest? Been there? I’m overwhelmed by recipes! I can’t keep up but I refuse to be intimidated. This is one of those recipes that I keep eyeing. Rich, creamy, satisfying and as healthy as a creamy pasta gets without ditching flavor. (Can anyone understand why I’m obsessed?) I was put into a corner by the goat cheese. Irresistable.

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Pasta Alla Formiana

I love watching the Food Network. Chef At Home and Giada At Home are my favourites. They give me so much inspiration. Not only inspiration to get off my butt and cook but to continue on with what we’re doing here, losing weight and getting healthier. Weight loss really is about a lifestyle change. You don’t just have to eat differently but your entire perspective of food has to change! We strive to view everything we eat with the respect it deserves. Pasta was, is and always will be a comfort food. This recipe doesn’t stray away from that but it’s a healthier version. It’s a one dish meal as the noodles cook while it bakes in the oven. Kind of like lasagna! There’s a billion and one ways to adapt this recipe to your preferences. For example, I added shiitake mushrooms. You can add chicken or ground meat or keep it vegetarian if you prefer. Add some zucchini! Or skip the oregano and use chili powder, cayenne, beans and corn for a tex mex pasta. Vegetables and spices add flavor and texture but zero extra bad calories. Real flavor comes from spices, not fat!

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Farmer’s Market Pasta Sauce

This is the perfect fall day recipe. All the vegetables are found at your local farmer’s market or in your own garden! There’s nothing on Earth better than fresh. Fresh carrots especially, even though carrots have nothing to do with this recipe … but one of my favourite childhood memories is plucking carrots out of my mom’s garden, washing them off with the garden hose and nibbling them right down to the greens. SO good. Store bought carrots don’t even taste like carrots, they taste like nothing. Thankfully though, they still have the nutrients! I digress …

This easy-to-make pasta sauce has all the right ingredients for sweet and savory and you can adjust it to meet your spice needs. Do whatever you want to it!

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Ass Backwards Butternut Squash Ravioli

I don’t know what to tell you to have you believe that this is one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. If someone gave me this squashy filling inside ravioli than I may very well have thought I’d died and gone to pasta heaven. But since it’s outside of ravioli … and actually nowhere near ravioli … then I know that I’ve gone to heaven. It’s delicious, filling and so satisfying. I say that in every post, I know, but trust me friends, this dish will impress even the die-hard squash haters. And … (like you don’t know this is coming!) … IT’S EASY! Prove me wrong, I dare you.

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Creamy Spinach and Pasta

I like pasta because most of them come in savory format. I find savory foods incredibly satisfying and comforting. When I’m having a bad day I want something savory. Unfortunately for my waistline that usually leads to pasta or rice dishes. I adapted this recipe just a little from Deb at Smitten Kitchen. Her culinary skills extend beyond mine by light years so I only covet most of her recipes from afar. This recipe comes together quickly, though it’s not very light on the dishes. It’s healthy, it is really delicious and if you want a snack, you can eat the spinach mixture by itself , add some spices and make it a veggie dip and just forego the pasta. It is also amazing over a big pile of quinoa and lentils!

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