Quinoa Burgers

I’ve missed burgers. I haven’t attempted gluten free meat burgers yet but I do have gf cornbread crumbs on the sidelines waiting patiently for the day. In the meantime, I found this recipe on Pinterest and promptly ran to the kitchen after repinning. I had ’em cooked up and ready to eat in less than half an hour which is perfect. Just perfect! They quickly became Mike’s favourite meal and because of this recipe, it is mandatory that I keep a good stock of quinoa in my house at all times. Heaven forbid I have no quinoa when Mike gets a hankering. That’d probably be akin to denying me coffee. I paired them with some veggies and some sauteed beef strips and shrimp, but they’re also a perfect with yam fries!


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Quinoa Mushroom Side Dish

I went for dinner at a friend’s place tonight. She was making quiche and asked me to bring a side salad. I considered Quinoa Salad but was tempted to make something new. I wound up with this recipe which was called a risotto, but it’s not so I’ll call it a side dish. I chose it because it has an ingredient I’ve never tried before (cooking sherry) and ingredients that I love (quinoa and mushrooms) It was perfect. Simple to make, delicious and incredibly satisfying. Plus, we all know quinoa has large doses of nutrients and vitamins and all that good gobbledy-gook.

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