Spanish Rice

I took this out of my mom’s Weight Watcher’s recipe book from the 90’s. Not only were most of the recipes a bit old school but they’re very Southern American. Only 4 or 5 of the recipes sounded appealing at all. This was one of them and it quickly became one of my favourite fall back, comfort food recipes. I make this when I feel like crap, when I’m tired/lazy and when I want something savory and spicy to eat. It was a LOT easier to make than I thought and it makes a huge amount of food. Perfect for those of us who need leftovers for lunches or frozen dinners.

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Garlic and Parsley Risotto

Chef Gordon Ramsay taught me how to make this. I was nervous – it was my first time. Risotto has always been one of those dishes that I never attempted because it’s so finnicky. Aside from having to stand over the stove to make this, I can honestly say that it was not difficult. I recently bought Ramsay’s “Family Fare” cookbook and while I would consider most of the recipes for a special occasion as opposed to comfort food, I will definitely make this recipe again … and again.

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Coconut Stir Fry and Rice

I haven’t been too inspired lately. My boyfriend is out of town during the week for the next while and work has kept me totally exhausted for a couple weeks now. Nobody to cook for and tired makes me lazy! That also means I’ve been eating like utter crap lately. I forced myself to make some veggies tonight and this recipe is what I came up with. It’s sweet and savory, filling and healthy. All that and I whipped it up in under 10 minutes (aside from actual cooking time) Since this recipe is ‘invented’ (I use the term loosely) by me, I’d love to know what you think.

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Ginger Fried Rice

This dish is simple and flavorful. Just the kinda thing I love. I used to make it all the time, it was my go-to dish. Somehow it fell by the way side though and when someone at work today said something about Chinese Fried Rice I had an ‘Eureka!’ moment. I came straight home and rectified the situation. The recipe doesn’t call for anything particular in the way of veggies, aside from leeks, but I prefer to add caramelized onion, bell peppers or broccoli, depending on what I have on hand. This eve the winner was broccoli. I couldn’t have been happier!

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