Turkey Breast Roast with Creamy Sage Mushroom Sauce

This recipe is DIVINE. Luxurious mushroom sauce doesn’t get any easier than this! We had a late Thanksgiving Dinner (I just finished cleaning) Had the boyfriend’s Dad over for some eats and they were both spoiled rotten with food. (Not rotten food … ) This recipe was outright stolen from the Thrifty’s flyer. (Our local grocery chain) Every week they send out 4 new recipes and this is the first I’ve actually been interested in making. Let me tell you, EASY. It takes zero effort to make this and that was a beautiful thing when trying to compile an entire huge meal. Turkey Breast Roasts are also really fast to cook. Takes about an hour and a half total. Mushroom sauce takes 10 minutes. This sauce can be used outside of the recipe and put on pretty much anything you want! Continue reading


Rosemary Cider Brined Pork

Brining is one of the easiest cooking techniques there is. It is so straight forward, it basically does all of the work for you. Kind of like a slow cooker. The meat absorbs the water and salt and makes it all cook faster. The only other brining I have done was a turkey for Thanksgiving and no word of a lie … a 14 pound turkey was completely cooked in 2.5 hours. That’s ridiculous. But awesome. And delicious. This roast only takes 30-45 minutes, making any dinner simple if you think of it the day before.

Cider Brined Pork Tenderloin (4)

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Honey Thyme Glazed Chicken

Mazel Tov!! With Rosh Hashanah coming up and while I’m still recuperating (in stretchy pants) from Thanksgiving, this roasted chicken dish will cover all your bases. It is straight forward and perfect if you’re only serving a few people. Good way to not have leftovers for the next 6 weeks! The cider gravy is stellar, nothing like you’ve ever had before. It isn’t greasy or heavy but chalk full of flavor.

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Maple Syrup Brined Turkey

This is the epitome of delicious turkey. This was my first time making a whole turkey and I’m so impressed with myself. Like the Pumpkin Cheesecake, this recipe also came from Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog “GOOP” which she reposted. See link below. SO. DAMN. GOOD. It is the moistest, most flavorful turkey I’ve ever had. Even the leftovers were moist and loaded with flavor days later! And because of the brine the turkey absorbs, it cooks a LOT faster. I fully cooked a 14 pound turkey in 2.5 hours. No joke. I’m not much of a liar. The only trick is to be prepared the day before so you can brine your turkey!

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Chocolate Tart with Gingersnap Cookie Crust

**DISCLAIMER – This dessert is a gift from me to you. It is NOT (I do repeat NOT) low fat. I’m posting this because I made it for Thanksgiving dinner this evening. I’m posting it because it is a really quick and simple dessert that people will actually fawn over. I’m also posting it because it is freezable and you can cut it into bite size pieces if you so desire and freeze them. Take it out for a splurge treat! It is SO good it’ll be the best treat ever. It’s not super sweet but it is creamy and firm, smooth and definitely will help you recover from a chocolate withdrawal. I thought the black pepper was a weird ingredient but it works amazingly well with the cinnamon and isn’t noticeable at all. This tart has received exclamations of delightful surprise from noted chocolate-dismissers!

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