Welcome to my blog! I appreciate you coming to visit. I’m in the process of slowly moving to wordpress from blogger. All of my new recipes are being posted here but there are a few awesome ones left over at the old site. If you want to hop over there and have a peak, you can find it here www.alimentarydearwatson.blogspot.com


I will do anything for a baby goat


I’m learning to be passionate about being healthy and in the process I’m learning what it means to actually be healthy. 3 years ago, my culinary prowess was pretty much limited to rice …  from the mircowave. When I started teaching myself how to cook, I began by using recipes that had 5 ingredients or less and included ingredients that I already had on hand or could easily hunt down. In 2009 I started Weight Watchers and lost 50 pounds in six months. I started plugging away at this blog in response to the friends and family who wanted access to the healthy recipes that were helping me lose weight. In February of 2012, my boyfriend and I committed 60 days to a Gluten Free diet in the interest of seeing what changes we encountered. The 60 days came and went and we are still living a GF lifestyle. We both lost 10 pounds, feel more energized and more clear headed and to top it all off,  my skin conditions are clearing up, including Rosacea, which has tortured me for 6 years! I’m not here to preach a GF diet though, I’m interested in helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, all of these recipes can easily be adapted to meet a non-gluten free life, so please don’t let it intimidate you. This blog has had a few facelifts, adapting as I adapt. I’ve started going back and tagging everything differently. If a recipe has been tagged Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan etc. it simply means I’ve offered alternatives to meet those needs. Every recipe that I post has been made and tested by me and my significant other. They all meet my standards of easy to medium difficulty and for the most part won’t take up a lot of time in your busy day. I am more than happy to answer questions, as well as help you adapt a recipe to your needs (one I’ve posted or you can email me one if you have something in mind) I also love comments!


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