Thai Coconut Lentils

I love hearty, flavorful dishes. You could give me mud in a bowl if it filled me up and tasted awesome. I also love savory foods, even desserts. So, while I was ‘working’ today, I stumbled over this recipe and thought to myself; “Hmm I can stop and get some cabbage, this should be easy. I like easy” So after work I grabbed a small cabbage and came home. There’s a few steps to this but none of them are complicated and it doesn’t take that long to cook. Dinner in (almost) no time! I’ll make this again, no doubt about it. I’ll probably tweak it a bit every time I make it – maybe add some green curry next time. And if I can find the ingredient required in the original recipe (Tom Kha) then I’ll try it like that! I like that about a recipe.

Thai Coconut Lentils (1)

Original recipe found here. They have tons of awesome recipes here!

1 cup green lentils – Rinsed
3-6 cloves Garlic – Minced
1 tbsp Ginger – Grated
1 Thai Chili – Minced
1 tbsp Fish Sauce *Optional
1 tbsp Sesame Oil or Vegetable Oil
1 small Green Cabbage (or 1/2 medium) – Chopped
3-4 cups diced winter Squash or Sweet Potato **SEE NOTES
1 can Coconut Milk
1 tsp Cayenne Powder
1 tsp Salt
Fresh Basil

Thai Coconut Lentils (2)

– Rinse lentils and boil them in small saucepan for about 20 minutes or until tender. Drain and set aside.
– While lentils are cooking, saute garlic, ginger, fish sauce and thai chili in oil. When fragrant add chopped cabbage, sprinkle with salt and saute until tender.
– When the cabbage is tender, remove from pan and set aside. Add a smidge more oil to the pan and add squash or sweet potato. Saute 3-5 minutes, stirring intermittently. Add coconut milk and simmer until squash is just soft through. Add cayenne powder, cabbage and lentils. Stirring often, cook another 5 minutes until coconut milk has been mostly absorbed.
– Serve topped with fresh basil – works great as a dish on it’s own but would be an awesome side dish.

– The original recipe called for a Kobucha Squash. Butternut would work well but I used Sweet Potato (in lieu of wanting to buy more groceries) and it was perfect. I’m in love! The nutritional information works out really close to the same for both squash and sweet potato.

Serves 4
Weight Watchers points per serving – 7
Calories – 291.3
Fat – 11.3g
Fibre – 12.7g
Sodium – 969.5mg
Carbohydrates -41.7g
Protein – 10g


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  1. This was sooo good! And it made enough for tomorrow too 🙂 I topped it with greek yogurt and green onions and avocado, and im really tempted to eat until i regret it haha

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