Iced Latte

It isn’t very often that I drink something other than water or coffee. I don’t drink a lot of soda and I used to drink a lot of iced tea but I kicked that habit too. I don’t usually post drink recipes on here because, well, how hard can a drink be? But … this drink tastes like Kahlua (!!!) and I think everyone needs to try it. It is a great way to use any leftover coffee. In the event you didn’t drink the whole pot.

2 cups Almond Milk – Vanilla
3 cubes Coffee – Frozen

– Fill an ice cube tray with left over coffee and put in the freezer over night.
– Pour two cups of vanilla flavored almond milk into a glass. Remove three cubes of frozen coffee from the ice cube tray and put in the milk. Swirl a bit as it melts. Voila!

– You can use any milk you prefer. I chose almond milk because I’m trying to cut down on dairy and choseĀ vanilla flavor for a bit of added zip to the drink.

Serves 1
Weight Watchers points per serving – 3
Calories – 120.9
Fat – 5g
Fibre – 2g
Sodium – 301.8mg
Carbohydrates – 16g
Protein – 2.1g


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