Polynesian Chicken Thighs

Mike and I have varying opinions of chicken thighs. I love the flavor and tenderness of them while he gags thinking about having to eat them. The only way I’m allowed to make chicken thighs for dinner is if I can concoct a great smear to go on it. Too lazy to dream up my own sauce, I stumbled upon this one on Pinterest. I almost didn’t open the recipe because it was titled “Hawaiian Chicken” and that makes me think of pineapple. I have a strong aversion to the stuff so the only thing that drew me in was the picture. I thought maybe I could skip the pineapple or swap it out. Luckily though, I didn’t have to! Coconut milk is the magic ingredient. This recipe makes a LOT of chicken thighs! A summer barbeque or potluck would greatly benefit from this dish. You can marinate in advance or just throw them in 4 hours before you cook. I cut the recipe in half and had lots leftover so I froze them … only to pull them out the next day for dinner. An exercise in futility if there ever was one. It is an attestment though to how yummy these are! You can cut the recipe in half or thirds, depending on how much you want to make. Thought it is kind of smart to buy a Costco pack and freeze all the leftovers! Makes any future dinner quick and easy if you need it to be. You know … like I did.

3 pounds Chicken Thighs – Boneless Skinless (About 18 large thighs)
2 cups Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or Tamari Sauce **SEE NOTES
2 cups Water
1 1/2 cups Brown Sugar
6-8 Green Onions – Diced
1/4 cup Onion – Diced
3 tsp Garlic – Minced
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 can Coconut Milk – Light

– Trim all visible fat from thighs. In a large sealable bowl mix all of the ingredients (excluding chicken), reserving a couple tablespoons of green onions to garnish with.
– Add all of the chicken, mixing them in throughly with your hands. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
– Preheat bbq and grill chicken until the marinade get a nice crispy glaze on the outside. The same effect can be achieved in a large saucepan.
– Serve!

– I had no desire to cook up 18 chicken thighs so I went with 12. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I used. 1 cup Bragg’s, 1 cup water, 1 cup Brown Sugar, 1 can Coconut Milk, 1 tsp Garlic, 1 tsp Sesame Oil, 2 Green Onions.
– This recipe would be GREAT on pork tenderloin too!

Serves 9
Weight Watchers points per serving – 5 per two thighs
Calories – 197.2
Fat – 6.7g
Fibre – 0g
Sodium – 340.7mg
Carbohydrates -6.9g
Protein – 27.3g


3 responses

  1. Sorry, is it me or does this recipe call for 11.5 cups of brown sugar and then reference two or so beneath? Am I correct thinking that it’s 2.5 C brown sugar ?
    or is it 1.5 cups? I did 1.5, I think that should do the trick. I also added 1/2 organic apple vinegar for a bit of a bite.

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