April’s Fave 5

Every month I will post a list of the five recipes that have received the most views in that month. Taking into consideration that I’m transitioning from one blog host to another, I’ll be using stats from both blogs to get these numbers. The winners for the month of April are; drum roll please …

#5: Lemon Curd Bars
I dream about this recipe. I dream of the delicious texture of the base, I dream of the amazing, tangy, lemony-awesome flavor of the curd. These bars are absolute heaven. But most of all, I fantasize of all the things I can do with that crust. I really think it’s so all-encompassing for desserts. I am going to convince my mum to use it in her Nanaimo Bars next Christmas and I have a recipe lined up for Almond Joy bars using this crust instead of the one in the recipe (mine’s easier anyways) I think you’d be hard-pressed not to make this recipe a regular, guilt-free, part of your life.

#4: Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Alfredo
I think I got it right with this recipe. The goat cheese and italian sausage really fulfill that savory flavor I’m always wanting in my mouth. What I didn’t realize when I first made this is that a lot of the components can be used to create other recipes. For instance, this recipe taught me how to roast peppers. You can use the same technique to roast tomatoes too. The recipe for the sauce, the goat cheesey part, can be used for any other kind of pasta you want. I recently used it to make a Meyer Lemon Pasta. To sum it all up though, you cannot go wrong with goat cheese. I have friends (one friend really) who will strongly disagree with that, but they’re just plain wrong. Goat Cheese for President!!

#3: Cauliflower Pizza Bites
I don’t know what to say about these lil’ buggers. They are not hard to make. They’re adaptable and they’re perfect for any potluck party or house-warming gathering. They’re deliciously gluten free but are guaranteed to not disappoint anybody! I need to make them again and take pictures this time around so you can see how awesome they are. If you weren’t inspired to make them before, you will be once you see them!

#2: Cauliflower Pizza Crust
This recipe easily trumps any other pizza crust I’ve EVER had. I do mean ever. It trumps them all without batting an eyelash. It isn’t any more difficult to make than a traditional pizza dough, gluten free or otherwise. I made it Easter weekend for my parents and I was absolutely floored that my Dad really loved it! I don’t have a great culinary history with my Dad. I may, or may not, have burned a few things in my time. It didn’t really inspire the want to learn how to cook either. Needless to say, I was impressed that he was impressed and that he loved something that was so healthy. You should make this, maybe you’ll impress somebody in your life!

#1: Angel Food Cake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce
This recipe is consistently at the top of the views stats. I have no idea why, but it’s the most searched for recipe that directly leads people to my blog and I’ll take whatever traffic comes my way! Luckily this recipe can be used for any soft berry or fruit and is pretty damn hard to screw up. You can also put it on any dessert you want; put it over vanilla ice cream or even just mix it with cool whip or the other edible oil product that comes from a can. (Ahem: It’d also be kind of awesome on that crust for the Lemon Curd Bars!) As I’m sure this recipe will top the views list almost every month, I will try really hard to have a gluten free Angel Food Cake recipe for you soon. I’ve seen recipes for it, I just need to go buy an appropriate pan. It’s kind of a shame I can’t just go buy a pre-made cake!

Well that about sums it up. If you’ve used, or have plan to use, any of the recipes above, I’d love to hear about it! Check back next month for the favourites of May.


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