5 Gadgets That Won’t Let You Down In The Kitchen

Admit it, we all want something that’ll make our lives a little bit easier. Our society is all about convenience and the most convenient way to get it. So this post is about the top five kitchen gadgets that I can’t live without and how they make my life so much easier. Because let’s face it, I’d rather spend less time cooking and more time being cool in the living room.

1. Slow Cooker – Notoriously an orphan child in the world of kitchen gadgetry, this wondrous tool is often overlooked. Almost everyone has one. Almost nobody uses it. Well I’m bringing it back baby! Several of my recipes use it and a couple of them top my favourite recipes list. Like Chicken Pesto Lasagna. Mmm yum! It’s quite magical to be able to do a bit of prep work in the morning, throw everything into a single pot, go to work and come home to a fully prepared meal. It’s beautiful … you should get one. (flea markets, garage sales, Value Village … seriously, the old ceramic ones rock … just make sure the pot comes out so you can wash it!)

2. Food Processor – Another often owned, often overlooked tool. Would you rather spend 15 minutes mincing vegetables? Or 3. Honestly, that’s how much time you’re saving. Not to mention … zero chance of chopping off the tip of your finger. The beauty of the food processor over the blender is that you don’t have to fight with it to get it to mix and food processors usually have a couple attachments. Mine has the mincing/chopping blade, but it also has a dough mixer, a slicer and a grater. (Have you ever tried to grate onions by hand?!!) I’ve just asked my mom for a 2 cup food processor for Christmas. For the small jobs like mincing a couple chilies for Jungle Chicken!

3. Garlic Mincer – A small palm size gadget that you put your garlic in, give it a few twists and voila … minced garlic. It holds 8-10 cloves and can mince them all at the same time. I’m not going to whip out the food processor for a couple cloves of garlic so I’m happy that it is easy to use, is dishwasher safe and I love the fact that there’s no garlic-ass smell on my hands when it’s all said and done.

4. Pot Clips – You know, for when I’m baking brownies … kidding! I’m kidding people. This is a handy little spring-loaded clip that you put on the edge of your pot and simply set your spoon in. It holds the mess from stirring over top of the pot. Zero stove clean up … unless of course your pot boils over or the oil spits or something dramatic like that. This gadget won’t help you in that regard but it will drastically decrease your clean up.

5. Mixing Bowls – An awesome set of good mixing bowls that are just as pretty to look at as they are useful. A few years ago for Christmas my mom bought me an awesome set of porcelain bowls from Canadian Tire (Proof that you don’t have to spend a ton to get quality) There’s six bowls that nest inside each other, ranging from huge to slightly larger than a ramekin. Microwave, oven, dishwasher safe and they’re all different colors. It’s a great space saving idea to have one set of bowls that will meet all of your needs. If I ever get to design my own kitchen, I’d be happy to put them on display.

I also LOVE my Bodum, my 4 cup measuring cup and my adjustable measuring spoon (Also a great space saver! One tool to replace 5 measuring spoons). Let me know which gadgets you can’t live without in the kitchen!!


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  1. 3 things I cannot live without in the kitchen:-Kitchen tongs-Electric citrus juicer-Hand blender (so awesome for blended soups – and way less chance the hot soup will leap up at you like it sometimes does from a standard blender)

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