Chocolate Tart with Gingersnap Cookie Crust

**DISCLAIMER – This dessert is a gift from me to you. It is NOT (I do repeat NOT) low fat. I’m posting this because I made it for Thanksgiving dinner this evening. I’m posting it because it is a really quick and simple dessert that people will actually fawn over. I’m also posting it because it is freezable and you can cut it into bite size pieces if you so desire and freeze them. Take it out for a splurge treat! It is SO good it’ll be the best treat ever. It’s not super sweet but it is creamy and firm, smooth and definitely will help you recover from a chocolate withdrawal. I thought the black pepper was a weird ingredient but it works amazingly well with the cinnamon and isn’t noticeable at all. This tart has received exclamations of delightful surprise from noted chocolate-dismissers!


8 oz Gingersnap Cookies – Gluten Free **SEE NOTES.
1/4 cup Butter or Non-Dairy Alternative


12 oz Chocolate Wafers, Chips or Carob chips
1 cup Whipping Cream
2 large Egg Yolk
1 large Egg
1/4 cup Sugar or Splenda
1 tbsp Flour – Gluten Free or Wheat
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Black Pepper
1/4 tsp Cinnamon

– Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
– In food processor or blender, chop gingersnap cookies until finely ground.
– Melt butter in microwave and slowly incorporate into cookies. Use hands to ensure mixture is fully combined.
– Press mixture evenly into 9″ pie pan or tart pan and place pan on a cookie sheet before putting in the oven.
– In medium saucepan combine chocolate and whipping cream. Whisk on low heat until chocolate is fully melted and smooth. Remove saucepan from heat. Do not put on high heat, it will burn.
– In large bowl whisk together egg yolks, egg, sugar, flour, salt, pepper and cinnamon.
– Slowly pour chocolate into egg mixture, whisking gently as you pour. Whisk until smooth and fully combined. Pour mixture into crust.
– Bake tart until edges are puffing up and centre is softly set. About 30-40 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool completely before serving.
– Cut tart into 8 pieces and serve with whipped cream or cool whip.

– A pre-made crumb pie crust from the store may have less fat than this – though I don’t think the pre-made crusts come in gluten free. This is pretty moist with butter, albeit low fat. Might be worth looking into if you’re at the grocer.
– London Drugs has been known to sell gluten free gingersnap cookies though a graham wafer crust would also be good.
– You can use brown rice flour, gluten free all purpose flour or whatever you have on hand.

Serves 8
Weight Watchers points per serving – 14
Calories – 482
Fat – 28.3g (I’ll try and make it less – even though this is WAY less than the original!!)
Fibre – 3.7g
Sodium – 299.3 mg
Carbohydrates – 58.7g
Protein – 6.7g


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  1. Side note: If you don't want to make the crust or if you just want something a little simpler, try scrapping the crust and putting the prepared chocolate in muffin tins. Baking for 35-50 minutes and testing with a fork. If it comes out cleanish its done. Cool and put in fridge. Serve with Cool Whip! I've done it twice now and it's just as good. Consistency of brownies 😉

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