Pulled Pork – Slow Cooker

I created this recipe one day when I knew I wouldn’t want to cook when I got home from work. I coated a boneless pork roast in spices, put it in the slow cooker with some vegetable stock and  veggies. No muss no fuss! It’s so nice to come home to a cooked dinner, though I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I went to pull it out of the cooker and it totally fell apart sooo … voila! Pulled Pork was born. Some BBQ sauce and we’re left with a damn tasty sandwich that took zero effort!

1 Pork Butt Roast – Boneless Skinless – Lean
3 tbsp All Purpose Spice
1/2 cup Vegetable Stock – Low Sodium
Vegetables of choice – Chopped
1/2 – 1 cup Barbeque Sauce of choice

– Rub All Purpose spice mix all over thawed roast. Make sure you get in the nooks and crannies.
– Put vegetable stock in 5 quart slow cooker and place roast and chopped vegetables in. Turn heat to low and cook up to 10 hours. If less time than that, ensure you check if it’s cooked or not.
– When cooked remove from cooker and pull apart with a fork. Put in medium sized bowl and mix in bbq sauce.
– Serve however you want. I use baguette bread and made sandwiches.

Serves 4
Weight Watchers points per serving –
Calories –
Fat –
Fibre –
Sodium –
Carbohydrates –
Protein –


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